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Cross-Sell Archives - TicketWeb


Event Cross-Sells


Increase revenue and drive incremental ticket sales directly in the purchase path.

With cross-sells, offer fans the opportunity to purchase supplementary events in addition to the main event.

Seamless Purchase
It’s easy for fans to add an event cross-sell to their cart. The featured cross-sells are directly in the purchase path. If a fan opts to make an additional purchase, they can checkout seamlessly with one combined transaction.
Drive Supplemental Ticket Sales

Placing a related event in front of customers who are already in the purchase process may increase supplemental sales. Boost sales further by offering a special promotion or savings on the additional events.

Self-Service Setup

Event cross-sells are quick and easy to set up. Once you select the events, add the cross-sell option to the main event. Start selling cross-sells in minutes.

Audience Targeting
Target fans who are already purchasing one event with similar events directly in the purchase flow.

Cross-sell events settle as normal events under terms agreed upon during the approval process.

Analyze the Results

All sales data for the cross-sell event will appear on the reporting for that individual event.


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Posted by Kelly Henderson in Reach More Fans, Sell More Tickets