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Upsell Archives - TicketWeb


Item Upsells


Increase revenue directly in the purchase path.

With upsells, offer fans the opportunity to purchase supplementary items including merchandise, parking or even donation collections.

Seamless Purchase
It’s easy for fans to add an upsell to their cart. The featured items are directly in the purchase path. If a fan opts to make an additional purchase, they can checkout seamlessly with one combined transaction.
Drive Supplemental Revenue

Placing a related item in front of customers who are already in the purchase process may increase supplemental sales. Boost sales further by offering special promotional items only available when purchasing tickets.

Quick Setup

Item upsells are quick and easy to set up. Once the upsells are set up in the system by the Client Services Team, you can add the upsell to desired event(s).

Audience Targeting
Target fans who are already purchasing a single event with related item upsells directly in the purchase flow.

Upsells settle manually under the terms agreed upon during the approval process.

Analyze the Results

Check out the results of the Item Upsell. All sales data will appear in the TicketWeb Upsell Report.


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Posted by Kelly Henderson in Capture More Data, Sell More Tickets