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WordPress Plugin | TicketWeb


The TicketWeb WordPress Plugin is ideal if you

  • Manage your Venue/Promoter/Booking site with WordPress
  • Currently spend valuable time building events on your website
  • Want your site to have the most up-to-date information about your TicketWeb events

Don’t use WordPress?
TicketWeb also provides a JavaScript widget (“FLOYD”) and/or direct API access to help integrate your event data into any website or application.

Sell Tickets

Embedded Checkout provides fans with a streamlined payment experience without leaving your website.

Event Sync

Automatically feed and sync your TicketWeb events and other events to your website.


Customize your pages and metadata to show as much or as little event detail as you prefer.

Branding Consistency

Keep your website look and feel through the entire purchase process with Private Label Branding.

Multiple Views

Choose from a list of mobile responsive event view types to place on your pages (List View, Calendar View, Artist View, Widget).

Referral Tracking

Track the quantity of tickets sold from the website on your TicketWeb Dashboard through referral tracking.

Easy Shortcodes

Easily insert standard and custom displays to your pages using shortcodes.

SEO Optimized

Improve your site ranking with customizable search engine optimized event URL creation.

Newsletter Sign Up

Connect your TicketWeb newsletter sign up widget to keep your fans in the know.


Please contact your TicketWeb representative.

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