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Check Out | TicketWeb


Quickly integrate TicketWeb Embedded Checkout to provide fans with a streamlined payment experience without leaving your website.

1. Implement

  • If you are using the TicketWeb WordPress Plugin, simply toggle the option in settings OR if you are using FLOYD, add one line of code to your website.

2. Launch

  • Once Embedded Checkout is enabled, the secure checkout is triggered by links from an integration with the TicketWeb Event Discovery API or links to TicketWeb purchase pages.
A Seamless Experience
Convert your website’s TicketWeb purchase links into a seamless pop-up window so fans can transact directly on your site.
Increase Conversion

Improve load time, reduce clicks to checkout and make purchasing simple with a seamless checkout process directly on your website.

Easy Integration
Quickly integrate the Embedded Checkout widget into your website with the TicketWeb WordPress Plugin or by inserting a single line of code.
Brand Consistency
To further support the integration of your website’s brand, Embedded Checkout can utilize your logos and colors to tailor the checkout experience.
Track Sales

Keep track of Embedded Checkout sales using TicketWeb Referral Tracking. View sales on your TicketWeb dashboard and referral tracking reports.

Secure Payment Processing
With Embedded Checkout, sensitive card information is sent directly to TicketWeb’s secure payment processors and doesn’t touch your site.


The TicketWeb WordPress Plugin allows you to display the most up-to-date information about your events directly on your website.

The TicketWeb WordPress Plugin is ideal if you

  • Manage your Venue/Promoter/Booking site with WordPress
  • Currently spend valuable time building events on your website
  • Want your site to have the most up-to-date information about your TicketWeb events
  • Don’t want to worry about keeping TicketWeb events in sync with what is posted on your site


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